Design Small Rock Garden Ideas at The End of This Year

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Do not let limited land also limit your creativity and hobbies to care for plants in a park. Basically, parks consist of two types, namely wet garden and dry garden. A dry garden can be made outdoors or indoors. Types of plants that are generally used for dry gardens are Sansevieria, Bromelia, Cactus, Peace Lily, and many more. While the decoration is rocks such as coral blossoms or brush coral.

The standard layout for a stone garden consists of a pile of stones arranged aesthetically in various sizes. With small gaps between rooted plants. The following guide you can follow for both the front page and the back page.

Design Artificial Garden Stone

Minimalist garden behind the house, using a path made of blocks of stone will be the right answer. Make paths and provide flower plants and other shrubs. Grass, when it grows tall and dense, will also reduce the beauty of the garden. Stone design in the garden is not immediately visible.

Slipped a stone design around the swimming pool. This stone is also useful as a cement substitute and more environmentally friendly. Even though it only has a relatively small garden size, we strongly recommend using gravel.

checkered designs scattered throughout the park. it is suitable for those of you who want a minimalist stone garden design. not too many additions such as flowers, other garden accessories. there are only grass and some vines to decorate this garden.

Minimalist Stone Garden

Simple garden with a stone table that can be used when gathering and having a barbecue party. In order to play around in the park without getting dirty because of the ground, you can fill most of the park with small rocks. Meanwhile, you can arrange plants in corners of the land. Give a decoration of large rocks to beautify the minimalist garden behind your home.

Not just beautifying. Using pebbles for the garden also allows rainwater to soak better and more easily into the ground. Make a special area that is restricted by using a small wooden fence, then spread the white gravel evenly in the area. Apart from covering the land area, the use of river stones can also be used as a place of reflection in the park. The trick, just plug the end of the stone into the ground, so that the other end is visible.

Garden Decoration With River Stone

This idea is very simple to implement – perfect ornamental blocks and stones that have rubble. Don’t forget the windows in most of the ruins, arches and tile roofs so that they look more and more absurd. This small stone is very easily transformed into a variety of decorations. You can also combine it with other elements such as wood and plants.

Decoration by using the type of natural stone that is easily found in this river, is now even more unique. The easiest way to use river stones as decoration elements is to place them irregularly in the garden. Of course, before placing the stones in the garden, wash them thoroughly and we suggest to give each gravel a color. Neutral color selection is needed to match the conditions around the park. But if you want to experiment, you can also use coral in different color variations so that the park looks more fresh.

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