Small Modern Kitchen Design that Makes the House Healthy and Fresh

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Simple Kitchen Design

The table is made of marble and cabinets made of synthetic wood with steel handles. The friendly and charming touch of this area is located on the brown ceramic walls with white floors. Cover the door of the table using a wooden design sticker plus a small glass container accessories.

With a cabinet shape like the letter L, you can freely move in the middle of the kitchen when cooking and preparing food. Because this small form of design is perfect for you at home.


Minimalist design is known as a design suitable for small-sized dwellings. This minimalist design is also suitable for your small kitchen design.

Without the presence of a lot of complicated furniture, the kitchen will feel more relieved. As an example image there is not too much accessory enhancer. just the brown brown box above the kitchen, the oven, a few glasses and the stove.

Contemporary Small kitchen

Many concept ideas to document a kitchen to make it look beautiful and comfortable. one of them is with a unique and contemporary design concept, you can pour it by giving some knick knacks. such as installing a chandelier using a long rope so that the light bulb will give an unusual impression on your kitchen. This chandelier will accent the kitchen in a contemporary style.

Selection of chairs little as height, making long or round tables according to their individual desires. Placement parallel to the table with windows adds to the contemporary classic style.

Although using a contemporary design, does not necessarily make the kitchen left behind. The color of the table that matches the wall paint is very harmonious. Plus a small table made of wood, adding to the eccentric style of your kitchen.

Kitchen Set Minimalis

Minimalist kitchen set is one style of arrangement that is in great demand because of its presence which always looks beautiful and neat. For the price of designing this minimalist set is also not too expensive. Adjust the desire with the price, choose to add a little neutral color like in the picture. Provide ceramic accents on the kitchen table that match the wall paint.

Minimalist symmetrical kitchen set designs from each shelf. This design is very widely used by people in most Asian states, no need for large furniture and many accessories. Enough cooking needs and adequate kitchen tools. One of the advantages of a cheap minimalist kitchen set like the picture above is its ease when cleaning the floor.

Simple Kitchen Design Cabinets

By inserting a small window between the kitchen set cabinet, you can freely store drinks for special moments such as wine or other bottled drinks. This cabinet or style is perfect for you, if you like retro style. the style is very easy to set up in a narrow kitchen. because this model is very suitable for this situation.

The combination of white and yellow or other bright colors can help make this room feel spacious. Besides giving a broad impression can also give a bright impression. Also of course neat that will make you feel at home to do activities in the kitchen.

Making a comfortable place when gathering with family to enjoy food even though the space is not spacious with the effect of this kitchen will still feel very comfortable.

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