Ideas for Small Garden Landscape a Comfortable and Inexpensive Home

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Speaking of parks, size is not an absolute thing for beautiful landscapes. Small parks can have their own charm. you can enjoy all the time. A small garden also means more minimal maintenance, extra savings to green decorative spaces that have high benefits. Natural ornamental elements in the landscape will also provide freshness to the home. The house is less crowded and more radiant. Designing a garden is indeed a secondary requirement but will have a good impact on the home. There are several types and designs of gardens to choose from.

Usually landscape architects will understand what kind of garden that suits your home. When viewed from its location, the park is divided into several types, namely the front garden, indoor park, side park, rear garden, and rooftop garden. While based on the design, namely minimalist garden, Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, European garden, Zen garden, traditional garden, vertical garden, and many more.

Garden has a very important function for the balance of the environment around the house. First, parks make the air cooler. This happens because plants planted in the garden will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Second, the park makes the house more shady, especially if there are large trees there. Third, the park provides an excellent aesthetic value on the exterior of the house.

Pretty Simple Home Garden

Simple home garden is a means for us to get fresh air. With the presence of greenery in the park even though the land for the park is very limited. The garden is often referred to as the lungs, indirectly the garden was created to perfect the design of the house as well. Simple home garden not only based on the area of the park, easy to care for, and the type of plant. But there are also some things that must be considered in order for the park to function properly, especially for health for residents of the house and the surrounding environment.

A garden that is good for health must have a shady garden around half the area of the park. It aims to produce oxygen that is healthy and fresh for the body’s health needs. Even if you have a small garden, it does not become a barrier to designing a minimalist garden. Taking the theme of landscape is widely used by some people in parts of Europe especially.

Minimalist Garden in The House

Whatever land area you have. as much as possible to provide a special area of the park because the properties are quite a lot. Garden can provide fresh views for the eyes and good air for the home. The choice between a dry garden or a wet garden at home can be determined by the preferences of the owner. Vast and narrow park is a challenge for designers.

Replacing the grass with gravel makes the garden easier to maintain because you simply water the plants. Combining pebbles and grass designs can be an alternative when decorating a garden. Choose a small pot size to maximize the available space. Instead, place plants with bright leaves and flowers to create a pleasant mood in the morning.

Inspiration For a Small Garden in Front of  House

So that the entrance area of the house is not boring, you can make a path that divides the small garden in front of the house. Make the path from concrete or stone molds to create beautiful grooves in the park. In addition to beautifying the look of the park, the grass is also not easily damaged because it is safe from stamping on feet. To be more interesting, add one or two plants with striking colors that contrast with the colors of the garden.

Add lighting effects to create a dramatic and magnificent impression on your garden. The choice of lights can vary depending on the area of the park. For a small garden size like the picture above, just use one medium sized self lamp, with a beautiful shape.

Small Office Garden Design

Interesting designs we can make. if you are a genius in arranging innovations that are about design, both from the point of view of interior models or exterior designs. using stones that are slightly larger in size. to become a barrier between the ground with gravel.

If the plants in your office garden are planted with potted media, you must water them properly. Change the pot according to the size and age of the plant. This will help plants to grow better. Types of plants that are suitable for the garden are elephant grass and some small trunked plants which are placed in pots or planted directly on the ground. Colorful flower plants can also be planted in the garden and you can combine them with natural rocks that add beauty to the garden.

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