Practical and Beautiful Small Garden Designs That Make You Feel at Home

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The size of the house that is getting smaller has an impact on the garden. However, you should not be sad because there are some inspirations for the garden in front of our offering house. There is a small-sized garden, even there is no area for plants at all. Garden in a house. What happens if a minimalist home does not have a garden? which definitely looks arid and dry. Now that’s why a minimalist home must have a garden as much as possible even though it is small.

The front garden of this house functions as a green area. Provide a beautiful and cool atmosphere as a place to play your children. In addition, the front garden of the house also serves to beautify your minimalist home. In designing or decorating a minimalist home garden, friends must pay attention to matters related to managing a home garden.

Simple Garden Front of The House

This small garden design is enough to be your reference. Planting flowers at a slightly more tenuous distance.Make the design look more beautiful. the choice of flower variations and the relatively narrow land design is suitable for flower sizes not too large.

Utilizing a square size that is not too large. Add a small stone as a barrier garden, there are plants in the pot. When we open the door, immediately served a view of the garden in your home. Not too expensive to design a small and beautiful garden. With a modern minimalist home that you have, the front garden of a house like this is right for you.

Minimalist Garden Design in a Narrow Area

Utilizing a very narrow location. under the stairs. become a challenge for home designers. Add several types of trees, with different sizes. Previously the land used in the lid used small pebbles. Aim when the rain comes the land does not decrease. There are some plants on the stairs put into a pot, to reduce the void in the room.

From the example above, it can be seen that the designer chooses to put plants in pots. Because it is too minimal place, a very good choice to produce a comfortable garden. This minimalist design you can apply in your home. If your garden is also not too big.

Bamboo trees surround the park, adding to the beauty of the park. There is a chair made of cement, minimalist impression because there is only one type of plant that is bamboo. The side area of the house can also be used to apply a minimalist garden design in a narrow area. Equalize the materials used in gardens and terraces. Another way is to add plants in pots of the same type as plants in the garden area.

Home Garden Without Grass

Stone, wood or tile floors are now increasingly replacing traditional grass in gardens and terraces. The reason, on average because of practicality. Grass and soil do make the atmosphere fresher but it also requires regular maintenance and sufficient sun and watering. On the other hand, growing grass can be the most annoying pest burrow, mosquitoes. Thus many houses that used to have land on the bottom or surface. Now turned into wooden floors, terracotta tiles or simple rocks with white or colorful colors that are also affordable and the results are satisfying.

This little terrace makes me amazed, because it can solve the problem of a small terrace land by making a deck surrounded by gravel. These elements provide the ideal setting so plants can stand out. In each area has a variety of rocks for decoration. For example in Argentina which has marble, marbles, rocks, river stones, sea ash rocks and others. Everything can look beautiful.

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