Design Tiny Garden Ideas on Budget For You

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Having a green and beautiful garden is the dream of every homeowner. Besides being able to bring fresh air around the house, seeing green leaves is also good for the eyes that every day looking at a computer monitor. With a little creativity anyone can have a dream tiny garden. Green areas on narrow land should be demarcated so as not to block the path.

But this area must also stand out, to fit the decorating function of the house. Can be done by placing plants in concrete pots that are made higher than the ground surface. The best part of a house is its garden or garden. A place where all family members “run away” from complicated lives and breathe fresh air there. Not only free to chat, a flower garden in a house can also be an alternative to spread love between family members.

Mini Garden at Home

Having your own garden at home will provide many benefits. One of them is pressing expenditure. for the purposes of buying a variety of vegetables and other kitchen purposes that can be planted in a home garden. Small garden designs are difficult to decorate. it depends we are smart at managing a small place.

This one small garden design is perfect for you if you are short of money. Makes it easy for you to decorate your garden at home. Because there is already a design example. can be very easy to implement. Make a small house in the middle of a park, like in a television cartoon. Green grass that grows healthy is an important factor for the good design of your garden.

Home Garden Design

If you use the land it might be felt less to plant plants and arrange some interiors for the garden such as park benches, chairs, tables or garden lights, then you can use the wall of the yard to grow plants. Vertical plants next to the house. an alternative for those who want to build the latest minimalist home garden, but constrained by limited land available. provide some plants of medium size and small size to decorate the garden.

To make a vertical garden, it is better to make a horizontal garden built close to the wall, so that later it will be seen as one with the vertical garden. Long leaf flowers are very suitable as vertical garden plants. because flowers don’t need a lot of soil so flower pots are lighter and easier to hang on the wall. In addition, planting mini cactus trees on the wall has many advantages.

Small Garden Design

Minimalist garden creations are endless. A variety of creativity continues to be developed to get a design that is truly able to satisfy the homeowner’s heart. Usually, a small garden in a minimalist home covered with green grass. However, if the grass doesn’t grow well, you can replace it into a garden with a stone accent.

Has a fairly elongated shape. With the theme of high tropical plants, then surrounded by small trees, this park you should have. With this form, it certainly allows people to make a pretty beautiful garden design. In designing a garden design, of course you will adjust the space that is available in your home land.

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